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Valesseka shook her head and keep her thoughts of the group which the others reported seeing in the distance. To her it wasn't important to try and squint out how many or what these other travellers might be, but it was important, however, to hasten her activities. placing the saddle blanket back ontop of Buinn as well as the rest of the tacting, Valesseka checked her fastenings and then moved on to check on the others' horses.

Just then the elven male gave a shout for his companions to come near. Somewhat frightened as to what it might be and curious as to why he didn't include the rest of the party, she resisted cranning her neck toward the three elves and clumsily climbed ontop of Buinn sighing "Another delay? Thingloomy will surely waste away before we arrive." With a tug she directed the stubborn gelding toward Darin and Eomerleo. "Whatever it is can't be grave enough to keep us from our mission."
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