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Marieme laughed as she looked over at her friends. Yes, she had changed since she had last saw them. As had they and she would do anything to ensure that they had the life that they both so deserved.

"You haven't seen how fiesty I can be! And I don't give my life just for you, Glirdingo. I give my life to Arianna as well. You and Arianna deserve a chance to live out your lives together. I will do all in my power to see it happen," Marieme replied.

She turned to the men that were coming. Soon they were upon them and Marieme's instincts started in. She jumped up onto one of the mounts and pushed the man off. He tumbled, hitting his head upon a rock. He lay dead upon the ground. She reigned the horse in, spinning it around take on the others that were coming on mounts. She rode hard, her eyes narrowed. She swung her sword, cutting the soft flesh of the men around her. One by one they fell to the ground with sickening thuds that oddly enough no longer sicked Marieme.
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