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It all happened so fast. Glirdingo was caught in combat with one man. He looked behind him and saw an arrow flying over his head at one of the men still seated. It struck him dead on. He screamed in agony as he toppled off his mount. Glirdingo smiled widely. That was Arianna no doubt, he thought for he saw his other friends locked in combat as well.

Marieme had just jumped up onto a man's horse (Where in Eru's name did she learn that move?) and slew him as they rode. He looked back at his opponent to finish his fight. He had gone.

Glirdingo looked around wildly, trying to find him. It was then that he heard a shrill scream from behind him. He spun around quickly and saw Arianna fall to the ground, blood pouring onto her shirt.

His blood rose with in him. He ran after the man and stabbed him through his left shoulder. He fell to the ground in pain, but not quite dead. "You stay here, or I WILL slay you. Understand?" Glirdingo hissed.

He ran back to Arianna, dropping his sword as he went. He fell to the ground once he reached her. Her eyes were closed. "Arianna?" he whispered, tears pouring forth from hiseyes. "Arianna? Answer me. Please answer me."
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