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As the blood pulsed out of her the world around her began to spin and swim. She closed her eyes against the movement. Her breathing was shallow and she prayed that it wasn't a wound that was going to kill her. Never in her life had she wondered if she, as an elf, could die.

"Arianna?" A familiar voice whispered. "Arianna? Answer me. Please answer me." Sthe slowly opened her eyes, feeling more groggy now than she had a moment ago. As her eyes focused she could see that it was her Glirdingo. She gave him a very weak smile and her hand took his.

"Is . . . it bad?" She managed, fear pulsed through her veins. Glirdingo was crying and she hated to see the site. Perhaps she was worse off then she had thought. She tried to move, but pain sliced through all the way to her back. She cried out, clutching his hand harder.

"I. . . I love you. . . Glirdingo," she hissed. She wanted to say it now in case it would be the last time she would ever whisper those words to him again.
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