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Valesseka was panicked and trying her hardest to stay out of the middle of the fray. She was never 'trained' for battle and the hardest fighting she could recall was pulling weeds that had grown woody stocks back home. Clentching her 'stave' she kept her distance from the swarm and kept near her company's horses. Now more than every she was reconsidering her decision on joining the rescue of Thin-Gloomy.

She saw something moving around the other end of Buinn and whirlled around... sure enough, part of the battle had found her. With a squeak Valesseka retreated a few steps only to be matched and swung at with a crude ax. Dodging in a very ungraceful way, the Arnorian landed on her side, loosing her 'polearm' and retreated once more by crawling under Marime's horse. With the skirmish raging as it was Valesseka's chance of shucking off the bandit's attention was slim and fighting the man off appeared to be a growing delusion.

Clambering back to her feet the bandit once again appeared before her and took another swing which connected on Valesseka's upper arm. With a piteous cry, she cowered back toward the horse and crumpled. For all intensive purposes she was 'defeated'... until she could recall her bearing and make herself useful.
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