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As Marieme worked she couldn't help but hiss at the pain. She clenched Glirdingo's hand and closed her eyes. Arianna trusted Marieme and her skills. When Marieme was done she opened her eyes and gave her a weak smile.

"She'll live," Marieme said softly. Arianna looked up at Glirdingo, her heart swelled. She would live and they might just see their future hopes come true. Tears sprung to the edge of her eyes.

"Thank you," Arianna whispered, giving Marieme's hand a thankful squeeze. Her eyes looked at the man that Glirdingo had caught. She knew that Glirdingo would want to interrogate him and she couldn't ask him to stay with her when his friend was in danger. She reached up and touched Glirdingo's face. "Go . . . interrogate him. . . I'll . . .be fine," Arianna whispered tiredly.
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