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Originally Posted by Boromir88
I mean I don't expect The Hobbit movies to be as morbid and dark as Thrones where the Hound has his spat before the Blackwater about all the boys he's killed...but not depicting violence as a fun game with cool spinny moves would be appreciated.
The thing that is quite unique in GoT is that itís not easy to say whoís a good guy and whoís a bad guy. The story is told from everyoneís perspective and we get to know the charactersí backgrounds and motives quite well. In Middle-earth it seems to be more black and white: orcs and their ilk are pure evil and thatís it. In a sense, it's not "necessary" to feel sympathy for their death. (I find it more disturbing that killing has been viewed as a fun game in real life - gladiators come into mind.)

Also, an orc attack is a plausible reason why Legolas and Tauriel canít just bundle the darwes back into Thranduilís dungeons from the barrels or from Laketown. Even though the attacks contained a lot of swashbuckling, I felt the action flowed quite nicely and was choreographed creatively.

On anoter note, this thought came into my mind after watching Pucciniís Turandot the other day. The story is just several paragraphs long, thereís hardly any character development, the musical themes are repetitive and the whole thing lasts about 2,5 hours. Yet no-one seemed to complain that the opera was dragged out. I thought it was quite excellent, actually, but maybe Iím just easily entertained.

ps. Hi, Kuru and other old friends as well!
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