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Originally Posted by Victariongreyjoy View Post
Are these Maiar I mentioned even more powerful than Gandalf and Saruman?
But what is 'power'? Sauron had more worldly power than any other Maia in the history of Arda, but his chief servants could still be beguiled by the Voice of Saruman. Gandalf, meanwhile, arguably exercises his greatest power simply by keeping the flame of hope burning in the hearts of Men; his greatest feat wasn't destroying the Balrog, or breaking Saruman's staff, or calling down fire to strike a host of werewolves, but the simple act of knowing who could be trusted with the Ring - and who could be trusted to accompany him.

By Sauronian measures, Osse is probably the most powerful of the Good Maiar: according to some parts of the Legendarium, he was strong enough to hold the Lonely Isle against the will of Ulmo himself. But Uinen is able to restrain Osse, so perhaps you count her the greater? On the flip side, by Gandalfesque standards, Eonwe has the greatest power - because he was able to lead the Host of Valinor to victory.


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