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Originally Posted by Balfrog View Post

As usual you evaded the question. Apologies will be accepted - provided you give an answer.

So once again:

Was Tolkien learned enough to understand 30 silver coins was strongly associated to the Christian story?

Just give me an answer: Yes or No?

If he wasn't then by Godsteeth tell me why and provide some evidence?

If he was - then tell me why he put thirty silver coins into the story and why he decided to leave that in even after editing?
This is not a yes or no question, and it never was. The analogy/allegory you and your cipher Seth wish to force on the situation does not apply to the story at all. The story line does not in any sense require a betrayal and blood money; ergo, reference to Judas' 30 silver coins does not apply. There is no reference to the allegory in Tolkien's letters, and no sense of him needing the allegory to make a plot point in the first place.

There is no need for editing when there is no applicability. And it is not applicable. Nor is it symbolic. You and your imaginary friend Seth are trying to foist a plot point that is not at all necessary to the telling of the tale.

Originally Posted by Balfrog View Post
I think I've said enough to Huinesoron to cover your points. Your post is, as usual, full of obsessive nonsense allegations. Once again, we can cover the 'shekels and stoned ox' in another thread. As a gentle reminder - this one is about 'thirty silver pennies' !
Again, thirty silver "pennies" is not applicable. You make a big deal about whether or no Tolkien was aware of the biblical story. Certainly, if that was the case, and it was something he inserted to prove a point, then "pennies" is not the medium for the allusion. There was no betrayal, and although the amount the Hobbits received may have accumulated to 30 coins of whatever denomination, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the biblical point of view.

It is up to you to prove your fallacy, and you have failed. Miserably.
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