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Balfrog has just left Hobbiton.

"Evidently, as you are unable to counter the accusation, then it is true. You are a fraud."

What a bunch of clap-trap. Yep - as usual you are wrong!

But just to appease your endless silly accusations that nobody gives a hoot about – here we go. Below's a link to a conversation between Priya Seth and Hammond and Scull back at the very beginning of 2015 – about a year before she even started her web articles.


Satisfied now??? Are you going to apologize or at least admit you are wrong? Or are you going to slink-off quietly just like when your knowledge was found to be lacking by proclaiming Tolkien never-ever used the word 'cockney'?

Of the 'giants' in the literary field of Tolkien studies– very few decide to become forum members and actively post. From what I can see, when they choose to discuss Tolkien – it's done via essays, books and their own personalized web-sites. And even if Ms. Seth did post here – I have little doubt that you'd claim it was Balfrog in disguise.

So tell me:

Are you a fraud because you hide behind a fictitous name?
Are you a click-baiter – because each and every time you post – you advertise your personal web-site?

Wow – talk about the pot calling the kettle black'!

"I am an atheist"

I didn't ask for your religious persuasion – and to be honest – I really don't care. I have little doubt – those who are Christians view Tolkien's TLotR (a fundamentally Catholic work) from a different perspective than those of other faith. As an atheist – I would not expect you to 'see the light'!

As far as I'm concerned Ms. Seth's work constitutes some of the most interesting and revealing articles I've ever seen on Bombadil. The depth she has gone into and the matters she has exposed are stuff well-worthy of discussion. Her essays are about as far from 'spam' as you can get. Singling out two essays in particular – Names, Nymphs and Nature's Lilies, and Match Me a Bilbo in London – these are real eye-openers with genuine substance behind them.

To boot she has provided logical reasoning behind Tolkien's development of Tom Bombadil as well as the missing links to a very important part of the story-line. And I agree with her – after leaving TB, the 'hill episode' (till now) has not been understood by every reader of TLotR – bar the author himself.

I accept that the articles are not for everybody; but with your rigidity – such as being utterly unable to even rationalize the idea of Tolkien deliberately inserting mythological links to a 'green girdle' or '30 silver pennies' being a symbolic allusion to a Christian happening – they definitely are not for you.

Whatever you had fixated in your mind about Tom Bombadil – its seems you are unable to rewire. That or you find it hard to embrace how some folk out there are even more passionate about Tolkien than yourself and possess greater knowledge. Many people have waited a lifetime hoping someone will figure out Bombadil. No – not everything has already been discussed. And yes most forum members, I'm sure, are open to - and want to hear new ideas. Trying to savage the messenger and denigrate the writer through needless and baseless accusations is so .... childish.

Recommendation: Focus on the scholarship within the articles themselves!
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