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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Originally Posted by Loslote View Post
Also, is the hunter logical or non-logical? Can't wait!

Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
3. What, to you, is the "usual Hunter role"? Logical or non-logical? Similarly, what are the rules for Ranger protections?
To me the "usual hunters" are as illogical as possible. Probably because of a hazy and scarring memory from the distant past where as a Hunter I accidently took out the Seer or something...I don't remember exactly what my blunder was...I just remember it being baaaaad.

As for the Ranger: can't protect the same target twice in a row but can protect the same target multiple times, so theoretically could protect the same person every other NIGHT over and over again.

Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
2. Not sure about the Visitor. I like the idea of keeping some uncertainty about the role's alignment, i.e. a possible wolf- and yes, in that case there should be two. Even so, it sounds like the sort of role that can skew a game rather easily, so needs careful implementation.
I know. That is the problem.

I don't want to set up a situation via the rules where one decision by one individual basically wins the game for one side and having only one Visitor could do that. While having two Visitors would dilute the power a bit it would add to the number of players needed for the game.

Basically we need to ask ourselves, what would the phantom do to break the game to turn it in his favor depending on what side he was on.

Originally Posted by Nerwent View Post
4. Are roles normally revealed on death? Or is this like other games with a Dead Thread in that respect?
No, roles would not be revealed on death. The only way for the "General Public" to find out a role for sure is in the dead thread during the NIGHTly reveal vote.

My calculations (which might be horribly wrong) say that we need a minimum of 13-15 players to make this work...more would be awesome.

So start working Facebook, everybody!
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