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Day 1

Day 1 begins (half an hour ago ). Narration to be edited in.

By the way, since my schedule is so irregular now these couple weeks, those who are around at DL should feel free to poke and prod be through any means if I am late with the post. I can send my contact info to interested people so you can bombard me with messages if I'm being neglectful.


"There is too much folk coming ro live here, it's getting crowded," said a fell voice on the air.

"Ah, this place is not like Taur-nu-Fuin of old!" pined am undead bat in echo, "these broken stones are a poor dwelling next to the tall pines of my youth!"

A fox joined the group, bidding everyone good morning individually and shaking their hand just a little too long for comfort.

They were having breakfast when "Surprise!" - a sudden cry came from behind a large stone. Startled, a teacup pomeranian in a bicorne hat dropped her food. "How many times do you need to be told to stop doing that?" she yelled at the offender, "This is your last warning! I will not have it any longer!"

The morning went on as usual until the absence of a normally abnoxiously talkative person was noticed. "Where is the Blossom of Dwimmordene?" the demigorgon asked. The search began.

The body was found dropped from a cliff. The gorcrow and the warg climbed down to investigate (though the warg was twenty minutes late in coming). They found a note crumpled in the lifeless hand.

"Two werewolves. Shapeshifters. Plan to kill everyone. Their nam..."

Everyone sighed in disappointment as the note trailed off leaving the names untold.

Inzil- surprise creature
Rune - slightly unsettling fox
Nerwen - Barrow Wight
Sally - Boo Joe, a teacup Pomeranian with abnormally sharp teeth and a Napoleon complex
Boro - a warg bred for a single purpose, never being on time
Lalaith - fell voice on the air
Pitch - undead vampire bat
Huinesoron - inverted gorcrow
Morsul - demigorgon
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