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Originally Posted by Rune Son of Bjarne View Post
I am all for a bit of early day one banter and randomness, but are we really going to let the wolves hide behind rhymes?

Anyways, Huinesoron would you like to elaborate on the lines below?

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Boro - a warg bred for a single purpose, never being on time

Beyond that final line, I was indicating that I find Boro's three posts without anything other than rhyming banter to be the mildest of suspicious. Yes, it's early Day One and all - but to make that many posts without even a single mention of the whole werewolf/murder thing seems a bit odd. I thought it was strange after two posts (hence my question, 'Are we hunting murderers or rhymes?'); his lack of a shift in response to that was enough for me to throw out the more explicit post in verse.
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