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Okay, bedtime and votetime. I'm glad of the lengthy posts fro both Rune and Zil - it's great to have more to go on.

I'm a little more nervous about Zil now - post 37 feels like a retread of post 29 rather than anything particularly new - but equally, there's nothing new there to spark new suspicions. And Rune... well, Rune's post is bulked out by a big paragraph about voting, after which the content comes down to:

-Zil only posted once.
-Boro is having fun.
-Pitch is productive.

Originally Posted by Rune Son of Bjarne View Post
Huinesoron By far the most interesting person in the village. Very active, if a little bit jumpy. Is this an Alpha that enjoys the spotlight (perhaps there is even an evil plan) or is it a very eager Ordo?
The first three points have all been previously made in the thread; the last is an expansion of other people's suspicions (as was his original comment on Boro), and is pointed at the person who's several times named him as number 1 voting candidate.

There's nothing here to make me reduce my suspicions, so in the absence of other candidates, and on the principle that a voting record is helpful to the village:


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