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Shield ROHAN: Liornung

Relief and surprise swept over Liornung, causing him to pause for a moment, yet he had never been one to be stricken silent and he answered Ędegard's question quickly. "By all means let us catch good Amroth and do all in our power to make him pause and rest awhile," he said. "I will talk to him in terms that perhaps he will listen to. We will wait for the girl. I saw in her doubtful eyes that her father would not go back... at least not yet."

They urged their horses on with the utmost gentleness. A question bore on Liornung's mind and he brought it forth in words to Ędegard. "Are you sure the girl will be no bother to you?" he asked.

"Bother?" Ędegard laughed. "I trust she is old enough to look after herself but if it comes to light she isn't it will be you, Liornung, who will be watching out for her, not I." A mischievous smile came to Liornung's face and he replied, "Unless I mysteriously vanish sometime?"

"If you do I will pursue you and catch you. I fancy I could watch her well enough but Amroth is already a great trouble."

"And there he is, with a lad walking behind him." Liornung fixed a curious gaze on the thin, dirty lad. He was plainly an Easterling, and the way he was dressed signified that he was one of the wayfarers. Amroth was saying nothing, and the lad surely following him. Liornung called out a greeting and the boy started, twisting in his saddle to stare at them in some fear. Liornung was startled, but it came to him that the lad was most likely used to ill treatment from strangers who did not care for the wayfarers. "Hello, laddie, and greetings to you, Amroth," the fiddler said kindly, putting up a friendly hand.

"Pause a moment, Amroth, and let us speak to you," Ędegard said. Amroth obeyed but when he turned Echo to face them he seemed impatient and eager to continue.

"Amroth, we insist you stop and rest for the day," Liornung said in a firm voice. "You have overworked yourself and are in no condition to continue at your speedy pace."

"Yet I must continue," Amroth said softly. "I cannot rest here."

"But you will," Liornung insisted. "I say this with your betrothed in mind. You must have more faith in her, friend. You must rest so she will find you in good health and spirits." He hesitated. Words could not describe what he meant to say, yet the words of a song sprang to his mind and he repeated them gently.

"I travelled north by hill and glen to find the girl I loved dear
and every day I travelled on she seemed to grow ever near.
Yet in my journey never pausing
without knowledge pain I was causing
to the girl I loved dear.

I reached her home one day in summer when all the grass was green;
I heard her wander through the meadows and in a gentle voice sing.
Yet I was sick and frail
and my courage failed, collapsing at the feet
of the girl I loved dear.

She took me up and cared for me but she had cause to weep
for she could not I and I could not her forevermore keep.
In foolish journey without rest I gave
death one of its victories best, breaking the heart
of the girl I loved dear.

"When I first heard the song I thought 'twas odd and did not care for it much, but I would not wish to see it come as true."

Amroth had paused and seemed to hesitate.

"And consider," Liornung continued, "this lad here who is obviously hungry and weary. We should pause and let him eat and rest and he does not trust us yet, he trusts you. You must stay and feed him, and then again there is a girl who will be coming soon who cannot wander through the wilderness searching for us. We must wait here for her, but we will not stay behind if you go. Good Amroth, I see that you are in haste to find your love, but look to us, to the horses, to the lad, and to the girl. There is no haste to bring grief upon us through illness or death because we could not bide but a day." Turning to Ędegard, he added quietly, "And there, Ędegard, I have tried but for once I find myself unable to speak freely and I falter and stumble. If he will not listen you must try. He will have to pause a day no matter how we bring it about. Good Secgrof sent me to care for him, I will or be hanged as traitorish scum."
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