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Tolkien It's nice to know people want to know you...

I considered pasting this to the end of my first post, but then I decided against it. So here it is:

The usual "All About You" questions:

Name (that you go by) : Sonja

Age: 16

Occupation: Student, aka, aspiring writer of fantasy and other genres of interest.

Future Aspirations: Becoming a famous writer, good artist, and living in Europe for three years or so.

Goal in life: See above.

Short term goals: Passing my school subjects *cough* Algebra *cough*

Passion: Writing, reading(when I have the time which seems to be rather scarce of late), thinking up stories and characters...

Hobbies: Er....crocheting sporadically?

Famous for (brag about yourself): Uh...I haven't really done anything that grand....but I haven't broken any bones if that counts.

Fave book: That should be plural so here's a list: LotR, the Prydain Chronicles, Chronicles of Narnia, The Westmark Series, Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984, The Outsiders, and various others.

Fave movie: Also should be plural: LotR, PotC, Edward Scissorhands, Benny and Joon, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Blow (No I don't like Johnny Depp... *cough*). Oh, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Fave sport: Not a big sports fan but I guess soccer is good. And horseback riding.

Fave store: Any good bookstore.

Fave music: A variety: Mozart, Bach, Grieg, Handel, POD, Linkin Park, Oldies, PotC Soundtrack, Peter Pan (2003) soundtrack, and Edward Scissorhands soundtrack.

What you can't stand: Idiots who think they're smart, relatives who are nice to you because of duty and to maintain good appearances in public and hypocrites.

What you plain dislike: Would country music qualify?

Who you admire: I think this one will remain unanswered...

What you most love to do: Write, read, watch good movies, serf the BDs...

Your self-confessed flaws: Selfishness, bad temperment, etc...

What intrigues/fascinates you: Right now it's mental illnesses and phobias (the fact that I have a developing phobia of germs would, naturally, inspire that intrigue). And people intrigue me -- some people at least. I like staring at people's faces, seeing how all the shadows play into making things look 3d, etc.

What scares you: Manipulated children's toys (I couldn't watch Toy Story I because of that), walking alone in a dark street, the feeling of aloness.

Quotation to live by: All what you can do is decide what to do with the time that is given to you.


What do you want most in a friend? Loyalty and honesty and one who is not too stuck up to enjoy life.

What do you want most in a teacher? Understanding and patience.

What do you want most in an ally? Willingness to help.

What do you want most in a team-mate? Eagerness and a strategical mind.

What do you want people to remember most about you? That I was somebody who broke the mold...or something. That I was kind and considerate and always willing to be there when you needed it. That I was a good listener...


Your favorite work you've written so far: Um...considering that I have five novels or more in the works (I've lost count somewhere along the way) and I haven't finished any of them and since I don't really have time to write short stories, I can't really answer that question. My favourite novel needs to be rewritten again so...but I did write a nice depressing, fatalistic short story called "Turning a Corner" for a writer's workshop that I think is most excellent...

Your favorite character so far: Arielle, Ivy, and Carmen -- two girls from the novel that needs to be rewritten again.

What you plan to write soon: A historical fiction novel, a novel based on a short story or myth or legend that I read somewhere, a science fiction novel, a novel based on the future, a fantasy novel.

What inspires you to write: Music. It's all about the music.

What makes your writing stall: Bad things I've heard/seen/thought. I know it's a stupid reason, but I'm afraid that I'll ruin the story when I'm in such a nasty mood...

Do you get writers' block and how do you overcome it? Yes, I get writer's block. I think about my characters, think about the period of time in which I'm writing, listen to some music that puts me in that right mood, try to draw my characters, etc.

Middle-Earth specific:

Your favorite ME character(s)? Legolas rocks (even before I saw the movie he rocked). I guess Sam and Pippin would also be my favourites, along with Eomer.

What do you like about them? Legolas...well, he's an elf who's a mighty fine shot with a bow. Need I say more? Sam is so...loyal and good and brave (I don't like that he was mean to Smeagol/Gollum, though). And Pippin is just so loveably funny and foolish. I guess they're the people I look up to and I can sort of identify with Pippin.

Your favorite moment(s) from the Trilogy? When Eowyn and Faramir fall in love and when they kiss on the balcony. Yes. That is my favourite, but there are others too -- many others.

Your favorite plot twist(s) from the Trilogy? I suppose Strider being a good guy and the king of Gondor no less and Gandalf coming back from the dead as it were, even though I don't like Gandalf the White.

Looking at your personality as it is, what race do you belong to in Middle-Earth and why? Must I answer that question? I like to eat, am fairly hot tempered and moody...I guess a mixture of hobbit and dwarf? 0_o

What race would you *like* to belong to in Middle-Earth and why? The elven race. They are so beautiful and smart and mysterious. Like twilight or moonlight. They live forever, but can only die of a broken heart and wounds. The inherent sorrow that accompanies their race appeals to me.

What place(s)would you live in Middle Earth and why? It's a toss up between Rivendell (the last homely house sounds so fun with the singing elves), Lothlorien for it's quiet, mystical, and golden elegance, and Ithilien because...well, we don't really know much about Ithilien now do we?

Where would you want to visit? The Shire just so I can see the hobbits hairy feet, drink their ale, eat five or six times a day *cough*, and so that I can hear them dance and sing. The Hobbits seem like merry folk.

How would you travel? Astride a sable horse's back!

Besides the usual camping & travel stuff, what single special item is in your knapsack and why? My blanket. My blanket that I've had since I was three and is soft and tearing from all the loving it has endured. What can I say: I'm a child at heart.
I'm sorry it wasn't a unicorn. It would have been nice to have unicorns.

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