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I'm looking at a map right now, and I'm wondering which path Amroth/Mellon will be taking. Will he follow the mountains from Edoras and go through Fangorn to meet Nimrodel from due south, or will he cross the plains where he might follow the Entwash and go around Fangorn coming to the South Eastern Border of Lorien before getting to the River? Or is there a completely different way he will come?

I was thinking about either having Erebemlin do something, such as kill a stray Orc and burn its body, that the travellers would see from afar. This would just tie them together before they actually meet.

If Amroth were to come to the forest first, Erebemlin could tell him Nimrodel has been long departed, but Amroth doesn't want to listen to him still having a hope of finding her there. An argument follows and Erebemlin ends up accompanying them to the falls to prove a point maybe.
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