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Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Formendacil is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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A survey?

You people DO know that I can't pass those things up...

Yes, I'm still not done Bergil's stats... Patience is a virtue...

Name (that you go by): Formendacil (or Form, Formie) around here. Michael in "real" life.
Age: 19
Occupation: Making pizza. (Horrid job- 'tis only a place-filler prior to school this fall)
Future Aspirations: Ordination to the priesthood. And then it's wherever God's winds take me.
Goal in life: To die with a funeral too full to fit in any one church. Or, in other words, to have them say "he was a good man"- and mean it.
Short term goals: Survive a month and a half more of pizza, visit 'Downers in Massachusetts, and get through a yard of red tape.
Passion: Liturgy- of pretty much any sort.
Hobbies: Reading... writing... LEGO!
Famous for (brag about yourself): "Smart aleck" in Sunday School, "the boy who wants to be a priest" in Church. A wry sense of humour. Too much LEGO.
Fave book: Either the Silm or the Lord of the Rings, depending on my mood...
Fave movie: At the moment... the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but I won't stay pinned down on this matter.
Fave sport: Bunnock. Ever heard of it? I thought not.
Fave store: Toys 'r Us.
Fave music: Classical, followed by Country, but I'll listen to anything except Rap (and songs with lyrics that are... you know...). Pachelbel's Canon remains my favourite.
What you can't stand: Boorishness to women, bigots, people who patronise me.
What you plain dislike: People who order pizza at 12:59 am.
Who you admire: Pope Benedict... and it's not just the "I'm Catholic and want to be a priest" thing. He's good with words, good with ideas, a little shy, and very pious. Very similar to me in some respects- very inspiring in others.
Your self-confessed flaws: Irritation with idiots. Overweening pride. Poor ability at expressing my friendships.
What intrigues/fascinates you: The English language. So many meanings... so many words.
What scares you: Moths. The Devil.
Quotation to live by: "Take counsel with thyself and remember who and what thou art"- J.R.R. Tolkien

What do you want most in a friend?
Loyalty and longevity.
What do you want most in a teacher? Clarity.
What do you want most in an ally? Intelligence and trustworthiness.
What do you want most in a team-mate? A team ethic.
What do you want people to remember most about you? That I loved the Lord my God with all my heart and soul, body and mind, and that I loved my neighbour as myself.

Your favorite work you've written so far:
I think it might be a 14-page, handwritten letter to Abercrombie of Rohan written while camping (yes, I had too much free time). It was rather pointless, rambled, and could have used some polish... but it was fun!
Your favorite character so far: For a gamer being invited to Gondor... I haven't got very many. Let's say Estahir, from the Green Dragon.
What you plan to write soon: Posts here, posts in AtM2, posts in the Eorling Mead Hall, posts in Werewolf, posts in Hookbills game, various PMs of overlong natures, application forms... and who knows what else...
What inspires you to write: That.... I dunno... itch, I guess... That desire to string words together and spin them into something moving and entertaining. I guess it's the desire to be like Tolkien.
What makes your writing stall: Overextending myself. Either that or running into real life problems that take away my time, so that I return without my initial enthusiasm.
Do you get writers' block and how do you overcome it? On occasion, yes. Typically, I can write through it, if properly guilted. I generally tend to feel dissatisfied with what I write in those times, though. Discussing plots and characters and reliving the "glory days" will usually pull me back.

Middle-Earth specific:
Your favorite ME character(s)?
Gandalf, Aragorn, Elrond, Túrin.
What do you like about them? Gandalf's humanity mixed with wisdom, Aragorn's confidence, Elrond's calm, and Túrin's... flawedness.
Your favorite moment(s) from the Trilogy? The "Voice of Saruman". The whole chapter is... delicious. And the farewell to Treebeard/final breaking of the Fellowship.
Your favorite plot twist(s) from the Trilogy? Frodo didn't die in Cirith Ungol!
Looking at your personality as it is, what race do you belong to in Middle-Earth and why? Probably Númenorean- of the Faithful, I hope. I am smart, and, let's face it, I'm rather proud of that fact. I'm also generally serious. I even look the part a little: six feet tall and dark hair. Otherwise, I'd be a Noldorin Elf, save that I lack the capacity for fiery wrath.
What race would you *like* to belong to in Middle-Earth and why? The Vanyar. To sit at the feet of Manwë, and be content...
What place(s)would you live in Middle Earth and why? The Shire... for it is much like home.
Where would you want to visit? Why? Minas Tirith- 'tis the Rome of it's world: centre of learning and wisdom and an ancient city of ruins and tales.
How would you travel? Can't ride, can't swim, can't drive (this being Middle-Earth), I guess I'd walk. But, being a pavement pounder of sorts... that's fine by me.
Besides the usual camping & travel stuff, what single special item is in your knapsack and why? My breviary. Don't always use it... but I always have it on me so that the possibility of me smartening up and doing it regularly is always there.
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