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Reading Tapestry 1 again, I've got this notion that I'm not going to be put out about if it's too intimidating. Here it is; feel free to just tell me 'no'.

Not only to write fun characters and an interesting story, but make Tapestry 2 something readers not only want to, but enjoy reading on its merits as a good ripping yarn.

What does that mean? It means working together in discussions to post great mixes of narrative, action, dialogue, and inner-thought stuff. For example: I tend to post too much dialogue and not enough of the other stuff. Other writers get into the heads of their characters so much that I start to nod off. Shoot for balance that attracts the reader. If you don't want to shoot for this, I'm cool with it, but I'm going to shoot for it myself.

Reactions? Whippings? Thoughts? *LMP ducks*
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