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Sorry for the delay, but my lack of time is frustrating. I would like to work in this project with all my strength.
I had time to read the proposals above and compare. I think that the two "new" texts are redundant or against my point of view expressed before. But this is my opinion. What do they think the other fellows?

As for:
"I would like to add one thought here that seems also to have some impact: Ulmo had no full preknowledge of Earendils role! In 33 Of the Voyage of Eärendil it is reported, that when the fugitives of Gondolin and Doriath mingeld at the Havens of Sirion Ulmo himslef spoke to the Valar 'and he called on them to forgive and send succour unto them and rescue them from the overmastering might of Morgoth'. If it would have been clear for Ulmo that Earendils role was that of the messenger in person pleading for pity and forgivness, why then make this worthless try? So the natural conclusion is that he had great knowledge about Earendils vieta: the first to sail a ship back to Valinor, carrying the Silmaril on his brow into the sky as a new star; but no clear vision of the importance of his first arrival in Valinor."

But Manwe said "No". Again a speculation but possibly Ulmo wanted, for a desperately last time, to avoid the last deeds that could happen (and happened). So I think is still valid that text. But another way is to delete it in that chapter 33.

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