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I'm afraid that, to me, it seems too great a liberty and too large a leap for us to insert explicit direction for Turgon to leave Gondolin in the counsel of war. I agree that the abandonment of Gondolin may be implied in the urging to war. But if it is implied already, then I don't think we do any harm by omitting explicit mention of it.

If Gondowe is adamantly against having any interruption by Turgon between, perhaps we could adopt the following outline:

- Tuor bids Turgon prepare for a war against Morgoth, describes the means of preparing (alliances with the Feanorians and with men of the east, probable succour from the Valar), and describes the consequences of such a war (a terrible battle but a chance for real victory).
- Tuor further says that if Turgon refuses this counsel, then he should abandon Gondolin and seek refuge at the mouths of Sirion.
- Idril and Turgon's wise councillors speak in favour of this (the latter) advice.
- Turgon refuses both the first counsel and the second counsel.

I do hope Gondowe will return at some point and explain his reluctance for the two counsels to be separated by Turgon's first refusal.

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