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Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
OK, here it comes (theme inspired by current RL events):

1. The eastern tip of the island on which the Eldar were ferried from Middle-Earth to Valinor broke off and became the Isle of Balar.
2. The Edain moved to Númenor on Elvish ships steered by sailors from Cirdan's people.
3. Before the Éothéod moved to Calenardhon, their capital was at the confluence of the two tributary streams of the river Greylin.
1 is definitely true. It used to be Tol Eressea

2 is true (Unfinished Tales?)

3 is false. The Éothéod's original capital (later called Framsburg) was in between the Greylin and the Langwell, which were both part of Anduin.
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