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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Kuruharan is a Longbeard Dwarf from Erebor. He is five feet tall and like all Dwarves he is stocky and very strong. He has neatly brushed light brown hair and beard and sparkling blue-gray eyes. He wears rich clothing: a cloak of the deepest crimson with silver fringe, under that he wears a full length coat of dark blue with gold embroidery along the edge. His tunic is as red as a cherry, with more gold embroidery. He wears a gold belt with an axe thrust into it, and his boots are impeccably polished. On a gold chain around his neck he wears a large golden dragon pendent. Underneath this he wears chain-mail armor. He more than likely has all sorts of things tucked away in various places. He is a capable fighter, but prefers to let others do the fighting if possible. He does not want to get stains on his outfit.

He always has his eye on making a profit and is usually willing to sell most anything to anybody. He has traveled far and wide to many strange places. He knows all sorts of people. In fact, he knows a surprising number of characters and creatures that it is rather surprising that a Dwarf would be on good terms with. The most notable unexpected creature of his acquaintance is his pet dragon Chrysophylax Dives.

The origins of their relationship are a bit clouded. Nobody knows why a dragon of ancient and imperial lineage would be the mere pet of a dwarf, one of their ancient enemies. The origins and specifics of their arrangement should probably remain shrouded in mystery, for the good of all concerned (Chrysophylax being apt to eat anybody who starts asking too many questions.)

In the story thus far he is (oddly enough) one of the few characters who has actually managed to find a piece of the Ent that was Broken. If he ever realizes this he may demand a commission.

It should probably also be noted that while Kuruharan's a bit of a shady individual, he is a loyal Dwarf to his people and will never go against their interests. Most everybody else is fair game.
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