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Indeed we are, Mith. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Well, since he's already made his appearance, I thought it worth posting here a potted history of Mgul, most of it shamelessly plundered from my first post:

Name: Mgul Bildr ‘The Dread Developer’, the Velour formerly known as Melvin.

Residence: The Tower Block of Bart-Hm in Moredough, the Land of Shadowy Deals.

Age: Several thousand millennia.

Occupation: Dark Lord.

Specialist Subject: Developing the prime real estate of Muddled Mirth.

Appearance: Dark. Theories differ on whether, at the time of the Quest of the Fellow/Gal-ship, Mgul was able to assume physical shape. Some say that his capture following the War of Mild Irritation and subsequent banishment to the Void robbed him of his physical form and that he existed only as a dark cloud of pure unadulterated evil. Others speculate that he took the form of a terrible red flaring nostril, since it is said that the cruel Nose of Mgul wandered the realm of Muddled Mirth searching for the scent of the Ent that was Broken. And yet another school of thought holds that he appeared as a dark, shadowy figure clad in a shining suit of pin-striped armour.

History: The twin brother of the self-styled leader of the Velour, Manul Sntana, it is said that Melvin Bluenote was originally the greatest of the Velour. After many millennia of bliss in the idyllic, if dull, realm of Valleyum, Melvin became discontented and, falling out with his brother, was forcibly ejected by the Velour from Valleyum to Dairyland in Muddled Mirth.

Seeking to convert the highly desirable real estate of Dairyland into highly lucrative luxury apartments, industrial estates, shopping malls and food halls, he was held back for many thousands of years by Elves and Men, who called him by the name of Mgul Bildr ‘The Dread Developer’. But in negotiation he was second to none and, with the aid of his terrible servants the Korprat-Loyers, he gradually assumed title to almost the entirety of the freehold to Dairyland.

But the Velour, seeing the terrible destruction wrought by Mgul on Dairyland and harkening to the plea of Erandnau the Marinade marched in anger against Mgul. And they defeated his forces in the War of Mild Irritation although, in the struggle, the lands of Dairyland were lost beneath the seas. Mgul was banished by the Velour to the Void, with Mantoes pronouncing his Doom thus:

Mgul, our brother, you have acted in folly
And now you won’t even say that you’re sorry.
So, at the risk of making you paranoid
We have no choice but to throw you in the void.

And it shall come to pass that an Ent shall be hewn
And its parts still living through Muddled Mirth strewn.
But when the Ent once more becomes whole.
You, my dear Mgul, can kiss goodbye to your soul.

After long years brooding in the inky blackness of the Void, news of the Ent that was Broken reached Mgul. And perceiving that its Reunification would spell his end, he broke free from the Void and once again walked the lands of Muddled Mirth. Fortunately for him Vinaigrettiel, the erstwhile evil twin sister of Saladriel and perpetrator of the Entish dissection, had stationed at the fortification of Gol Dulldor a lacklustre force of Orcs under the command of the inept Sourone. This served to distract the Fellow/Gal-Ship, buying Mgul sufficient time to raise the Tower Block of Bart-Hm in Moredough, the Land of Shadowy Deals. And there he once again took to plotting and scheming. For he knew that only by recovering the scattered pieces of the Ent that was Broken himself and destroying them in the fires of Odouruin would he free himself of his Doom allowing him to return to his diabolical plans for the redevelopment of Muddled Mirth.
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