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Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Shiny new posts, and so many of them – how wonderful! Thanks to Mithadan and Thenamir for their new characters. It will be interesting to see how Grrralph and the Gateskeeper fit into the Fellow/Galship. Diamond, applause for the name of the newspaper – “Daily Floss” for Minus Teeth – brilliant! It’s nice to see Vogonwë and hear of Pimpiowyn again, and congratulations on their engagement! Will we be witnessing a wedding there soon? (Or are witnesses not canonical?) Squatter, a new sword, a new horse and a new leaf for Etceteron – wow! How will all this effect his ultimate manliness? Stay tuned…

Those characters who are joining the Fellowship should make their way to Sethamir’s Livery Stable, where the group will begin their journey westwards. The route we will be taking, roughly: Rohan, skirting the edge of Fangorn, then through the Gap (for those who haven’t had time to go shopping yet), up into Eriador, Bree, Barrow-Downs, Old Forest, Shire, Grey Havens, and on…

I have posted a save for Merisu's meeting with Etc. and sundry at the stables; however, should someone have a post that should precede it, I can delete the save, and post later.
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