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Finding the sneaking to online places to post a little more difficult than I expected. But I like the way the game is going. Thanks guys, you carry this so well when the game gets going. I'll try not to put any definite numbers on my posts as far as how often I'll be able to get them up so as not to keep you waiting.

As for the locations of the Kariborim. I'll venture to say that Kathaani's group has Nitiru (Kath), Ruki (Tiru), and Mani (Mars.) Choosing arbitrarily shall we say Azarmano has Khibil, Abarzadan has Izri, and Thoronmir has Kali (we must make sure that Thoronmir, with or without Meneltarmacil gets Kali onto the ship). Which leaves, of course, Lomi with Abar where she's been all along.

And I suspect that Marsillion & co. should find a way not to get caught, or else find a way to get caught that conveniently aids the rescue attempt so that we don't have to rescue the would-be rescuers. We have enough trouble without that.

Lastly, and correct me if I've lost my place on the island, but I've assumed that we're south of the Meneltarma now, because Noirinan opens that way. However, I'm not 100% sure how we'd have gotten there (my brother could tell you a thing or two about my sense of direction). Am I right?

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