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Originally Posted by Andsigil View Post
To answer the question in the thread title: people here tend to go for quality vs quantity.
Correction: that is definitely not always the case. About a month after I joined (and until about a year after I joined), I began posting everywhere and about everything. I averaged about 8 posts a day. My goal was to get to 10, but I never made it. I don't know how I had the time to post so much. But most of my posts were either inane or very brief. Then, there was a combination of lack of time and lack of interest. There are only so many times you can discuss the unexistence of Balrog wings or the enigmatic nature of Tom Bombadil. Before, I was really interested in details and technicalities. Nowadays, I generally pass these threads by, but I still attempt to sift out those that touch on deeper ideas and not just the mechanics of the world. Every now and then I get really interested, but... time. Although I visit every day, I do not post that often.

However, I say there's no right or wrong with posting whatever you feel you want to post, regardless of quantity. Not all posts might get replies, at least right away, but even if you post more than average I can only applaud you for making an attempt to lift up the forum out of our hybernation. :-)

Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
As a rule, I don't post much at all, unless something really interests me. However, in this case I will simply add a banal post because I am only a few from hitting 2000, which is, in itself, a measure of banality.
Oh Morth, come on, you won't pass up an opportunity to trip on a thread and crack a couple puns or splatter some sarcasm onto it. And keep an utterly straight face while you're at it. :-D
What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
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