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It's hot here, so hot... two or three weeks around and above 100F...

I assign to the Shire...

Open windows, curtained with white muslin blowing in the cool breeze
Breezeways every which way through the house
Breezes that are cool
Air that is pleasantly warm and no more
Sunlight that's warm and gentle
A sun that is cheery and yellow
Blue, blue skies
Puffy white clouds
Big tall white and gray and blue clouds (not green) that shimmer with lightning, pour out rain on the grass and garden, toss the leaves and branches with fine, stiff gusts, and move off into the cool evening
Dark, cloudy days in season, with stiff, nippy winds and warm, bright clothes to bundle in
A good fire inside when the day is cold outside
Birds that sing and play in the birdbath all day long, even in the afternoon
Tall, tall trees that aren't necessarily pines
Spreading pecan trees with branches drooping to touch the ground, laden with big fat green pecans
Chasing squirrels away from said pecans
Canoeing up down the river/creek, unmolested by heat or bugs or other wildlife
Large families with cousins and uncles and aunts and neighbors, all dropping in to work and play any time in the day
Singing simply for the joy of it, and the fun of playing with harmony
Singing and talking while working with one's hands - companionship in labor
Roses that bloom all spring, summer, fall, and into winter
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