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"Don't be silly," said Brinn. "You do know that all that dashing about with swords and fire was done so that we could enjoy peace and plenty, don't you? I know they doesn't look half as good on stage," she added, lowering her voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "but personally, I think all of our tales are just as fascinating as the Great ones. Do you think my friends and I got up this company because we wished that life were still as dangerous as it was during the War? No!" Well, Branor might, if he was able to do something relatively effortless that would win him great renown, but the King's Players hadn't been his idea, had it? "We did it--I did it, at least--to make other people happy, and to make ourselves happy, too, travelling about the countryside. I know we may not look our best right now, but I can tell you that none of us would want to do anything other than this. And, well, we shouldn't have been able to do that if the roads weren't safe enough to travel!"

She smiled and patted Thiliel on the arm. "I don't think anyone in this Middle-earth leads a dull life, least of all you. And if you think you do, what's stopping you from making it a little more interesting yourself?"
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