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Tolkien Tolkien dozen

Hey,folks,this is not a copy-cat thread.I choose an Tolkien related topic, and begin the first of 13 (a bakers dozen) answers that fit the topic.

Each person gets to add one answer in numerical order to the list until we have 13 answers. Please no more than one answer per person in succession. In other words add one answer only and allow someone else to add another before jumping in with another one of your own.

Whoever adds the 13th answer begins a new topic having to do with everything anime and starts us off with the first answer in that new topic....and it continues in that fashion for as long as it's of interest to anyone. The topics can get quite clever, as well as the answers.

Remember to copy the entire list into your new post (no need to CC, you can just copy and past it will look cleaner that way.)

Let's begin..the topic is:

Famous elves

1. Nimrodel
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