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Dick had told Robby that he did not think any of the guests who had sung or played the night before had yet joined the company in the common room, but he would let him know as soon as he spotted one of them. “I’ll be out shortly, I imagine,” he said as he showed the man to the door. “And I doubt the others will be long in getting up.”

He returned to the kitchen table and his coffee and in a few minutes, Cella set a plate of breakfast before him and Primrose. They ate with little talking between them this morning. Dick was in a hurry to get out into the common room and exchange gossip and ideas about this wolf attack and Primrose didn’t talk much on her own accord this morning. Come to think, that was odd. . .Prim generally talked as much as any young hobbit lass. Was her leg hurting her all that much?

As though guessing his thoughts and trying to prove otherwise, she got up almost the next moment and moved towards the stove. He looked up, worried that she would hurt herself, but before he could voice any concern, the sheriff walked into the kitchen, and a conversation was taken up between him and Primrose. Dick shrugged and returned his full attention to his breakfast.

Just as he was finishing up his ear caught the tail end of the sheriff’s discussion. “Just now, as I was finishing up my breakfast, I heard a young miss from all the way over to Hardbottle saying she was asleeping in a hay rick when them wolves set to howling and she near died of fright! Have to be very careful these days, wandering about on the roads. She said as how she was looking for work hereabouts. Do you know of anyone needing an extra hand? She looked a sturdy thing, said she’d been helping with the lambing over Willowbottom way.”

Dick smiled and stood up as he picked up his plate. “I might be needing her myself!” he said. “Just for a little while. Don’t look like that, Primrose,” he said as she sent him a disappointed and reproving look. “You’re not fit to be doing all the work that you were. You need time to rest and to heal up.”

Before Primrose had half a chance to reply to Dick, Will suddenly burst into the kitchen. He must have come at the door at an angle, running fast. He nearly bounced off the door post as he tried to make the turn - anyhow it gave him momentum enough to nearly make the sink in two bounds. Something spewed from his mouth and he choked and rinsed his mouth with water for several seconds.

“Gah!” they heard him gasp. “That was disgusting!”

An amused twitch twisted Dick’s mouth as he tried to look sober. “What’s the trouble, Will?” he asked, honestly curious.
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