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"What is it, Prim?"

Prim stood propped with her elbow on the edge of the sink. Looking sideways at Will and grinning, she answered, "Not too much. Will says that he's been trying a bit of the 'outland brew.' Coffee from Breeland. And it doesn't seem to agree with him. Oh Will, if only you could have seen your face."

Will spluttered. "You ought to try some yourself. Gah! It's awful."

"I think I will. It can't as bad as all that. We make it back here often enough for the guests, though I'll admit I've never tried it myself. Brewing or drinking." She hopped back to the table while Will fetched the coffeepot to pour her a cup.

He joined her at the table and pushed a steaming cup of black liquid under her nose.

"Try that if you like, but I'm warning you, it's not a good idea."

Primrose lifted the cup. If the coffee tasted as good as it smelled, it would be a treat. Will's reaction made no sense. Until she took a sip. Prim's eyes nose wrinkled from the bitterness of the drink.

She forced herself to swallow and slowly put the cup back on the table. Prim's eyes were watering.

"Well?" asked Will. "Pretty bad, isn't it?"

"It certainly is. But you know, I think I could get used to it." She took another sip. It didn't seem quite as bad as the first. In fact, she was beginning to enjoy the flavor.
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