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I'm beginning to suspect Loslote, which has surprised me somewhat because I liked her posts on Day 1.

Go back to the Nerwen/Inzil spat - I had to read this 3 times (and get Cailin to explain it to me ) before I understood what the issue was. It seemed very minor to me. Yet Loslote picked up on (post #186) and repeated the term 'slip' in a non-committal way. Also, she criticises Inzil for voting Nerwen with no justification (I agree, but he's not the only one with a vapid Day 1 vote) and focusing on game mechanics (also something which many of us have done today and yesterday).

Then (post #197), it's pretty minor but there's just something about it - she returns to the attack on Inzil but seems to balance it out by 'feeling better about Nog' at the same time. 'Wouldn't mind voting for Zil today" indeed. I dunno - it's just the first time so far I've read something and thought there might be something behind it.
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