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Excellent point. I believe it's because movieAragorn has less in common with the Riders of Rohan than he does with the prancing movieHaldir and Co of Lórien. At least that's the general impression that I got. <P>I believe that his ties to the Elves, while accurate to say the least, were overplayed in the movies. In FOTR he seems to be this guy that lounges around the reading room at Rivendell, quite comfy and never really thinking too much about going to claim his kingship, which after all is just over a bunch of grubby men. He never even speaks a word to Barliman, or Bill Ferny, doesn't help Bilbo with his song, and no other Dúnedain even appear. <P>What has bothered me most about the presence of elves at Helm's Deep is the fact that it takes away from Aragorn's leadership role somewhat. There is far too much emphasis on him being able to command a group of elves, and to speak elvish. I think his character would have been served much better by being showed as a great, tireless warrior, and being able to command <I>men</I>. Still once ROTK comes out it what happened in TTT will be much less relevant.
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