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Shield ∆degard

"∆degard," Liornung said, "I would desire to know a deeper history of this 'adventure' we are on. I confess I know only what I have lived through, and nothing of what has happened previous. Tell me in your words what has happened before I arrived in the song."

"I wish that I could tell you more than I can. All I can offer of worth is what happened to me."

He told Liornung of the great snowfall, of digging his way out of his house and building a snow fort, soon accompanied by others, and before long there was a snowball fight of mythic proportions! And Mellon, as ∆degard had known him then, was among his allies. When they tired of the snowball fight, they had retreated to the Inn for some warm brews. Mellon was already coming down with a bad cold then. It was not long before he was fevered, and taken to a room to be cared for. When he woke, he spoke as Amroth, though ∆degard had not known it then. ∆degard had not been sure whether Mellon was being overly clever, or was truly in another mind, as it were, but BÍtheberry, the innkeeper, had told him to be Mellon's friend, for more was at stake than one might seem. Soon Mellon, or Amroth, had departed, and ∆degard had grumbingly pursued - as the thaw set in. A day later he had met Liornung and Bellyn.

"So I remember him before he was Amroth." ∆degard cast his glance to him, and Liornung saw his troubled expression. "I wonder how the young man fares, or whether he is even inside that body anymore, and I wonder if he will ever return."

Liornung nodded gravely. "My thanks, ∆degard. I can imagine some light stanzas as well as dark. It will give some heft to the song."

"I hope not so much that it weighs it down too much!"

Liornung laughed. "Fear not, friend, I do not think I am capable of that!"

∆degard smiled, and believed that Liornung was right about that. He turned an listened as Bella and Argeleafa exchanged words, and listened with dismay at Argeleafa's final words: " ignorant, foolish little girl upon your heads to torment you into weariness by her very presence, for she is so ignorant and foolish that she cannot take care of herself and needs others to watch after her."

"Speak not so, Leafa!" ∆degard's voice rang in the darkness so that it surprised him, but he went on. "It galls me that you think so of yourself! I could never weary of your company. I-" Words failed him. He looked at the others, who were watching him, and cast caution to the wind. Never had he sung before others before. With others, surely, but not alone. His voice quavered at first, but he gained confidence and his voice gained strength, though he was careful to keep his song quiet so that only the humans sitting together could here - unless Elven ears harkened better than he was used to.

Last night she came to me, my dead love came in.
So softly she came that her feet made no din.
She laid her hand on me and this she did say:
'It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day.'

"Leafa, you brought such beauty amongst us. I'm sure Liornung and Bella, and Nethador, too, think as do I, we would not have it any other way than you here with us."
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