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Shield Ędegard

Ędegard grinned. "If you thought I was trying to sing then, it is no wonder you thought my efforts were so poor! I was only trying to give strength to the words!"

Liornung looked at him in momentary confusion, then threw back his head in laughter. "That is a good jest, my friend. More fool me. If that be the case, then your singsong poeting should have been a clue to me that you might have a singer's voice. So sing us another song!"

Ędegard's head sank almost between his knees and he looked sidelong at Leafa. He mumbled something.

Liornung bent his ear toward Ędegard. "What's that? I could not hear you."

"I cannot think of any songs." Ędegard looked askance at Leafa again. "I am sorry."
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