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Petty Dwarf:
I think "Behold the towers and mansions of ice!" should be put back in; but how does everyone feel about it?
I'd rather like to put it back in, personally. It seems to me like it was most likely an error that it was left out of D by Tolkien.

Antoine wrote:

I disagree with this idea.
Valaquenta is a tale wrote by Rumil; there is no indication that there is insert of pengolod in this text.
That's true. And since Pengolodh is in any case the one who wrote the bit about Yavanna being a tree, that segment can't go in the Valaquenta. Alas.

On second thought - I just checked X and I can find no reference to the authorship of the Valaquenta. I'm probably missing something, but how do we know it was Rumil's work?

Antoine again:
For me, it s Rumil the writer and Pengolod an editor who transcribed the text and added some words.
Yes, but the passage about Yavanna seems to me more of an aside to Aelfwine than an addition to the text. If we included it, how would we indicate that it was written by Pengolodh rather than Rumil? If there's no indication, it will seem to be the words of Rumil, since later on we have a statement to the effect of "All the previous stuff was Rumil's account, but the following was added by Pengolodh."
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