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Fingedil, I m with you

And that about a note with little * in the text that refers to an insert of pengoloth ?

Great Ones array themselves are at all times like unto the shapes of kings and queens of the Children of Il˙vatar; for at whiles they may clothe them in their own thought, made visible in forms terrible and wonderful.[Note *]
(Note *) And I myself, long years agone, in the land of the Valar have seen Yavanna in the likeness of a Tree; and the beauty and majesty of that form could not be told in words, not unless all the things that grow in the earth, from the least unto the greatest, should sing in choir together, making unto their queen an offering of song to be laid before the throne of Il˙vatar. [Quoth Pengolo­.]

It works good with our solution where some other inserts of Pengolod are present.
Like in our introduction, it s write that:

To it are added the further words that Pengolo­ the Sage wrote concerning the Valar, the Eldar and the Atani
Anyway for sur we can't put off this beautiful insert.
This add of Pengolod, that looks for me like a "sade remembrance", a spleen of Valinor.
And it looks better like an insert in this text.

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