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why ?
Why after our work on fall of gondolin you don't want to use footnote.
Because while working on the Fall of Gondolin, we stumbled upon different dificulties which were all resolved in being integrated to our main narrative. If a compromise could not be reached, then it was better to discard the change or emendation. If we resorted to footnotes we would IMO lower the standards of the project by tip-toing the difficulties that arise in them.

The interesting thing was that we were all of the idea of wanting to keep the Yavanna description, but alas, we could not agree on the way of doing that. I think that if there are no new suggestions, then our work with the Ainulindalë is finished and we end up loosing that description.

If Findegil and Antoine are against the alteration and retention of the passage in the text, then I would go for eliminating it entirely. A footnote feels like a cheat to me.
My sentiments exactly.
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