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Pipe Hypothetical Aelfwine

Hello, and thanks for the reply again.

The reason I started this thread is that I'm still sitting on the fence in regards to Aelfwine. While it is true that Bilbo replaced him as the means of transmitting the story, late texts such as Aelfwine and DÝrhaval seem a little odd.

What I'd like is to hear yours and other opinions in regards to what would you keep, and how would you reconstruct the story of Aelfwine IF you would (of course, hypothetically) keep him as a part of "The New Silmarillion".

P.S. One more seems to me from the account given in The Book of Lost Tales that there are many interesting details concerning Tol EressŰa that could be saved in the current revisions of the chapters (though I admit that I don't really see how could they be incorporated without sounding too forced).
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