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Thornden sat at the table watching the members of this scene closely. Mostly his eyes rested on Saeryn as the proceedings began. As Hilderinc went out to bring Scyrr in, Thornden reflected that no matter what happened here, it could not help Saeryn. True, Scyrr may withdraw his insult from Eodwine and make his amends, but it would embarrass Saeryn further than she had been to have it all rehashed and discussed.

However, it had been her own actions that had brought this about. It was her own fault this had not been avoided. Thornden sighed silently and looked down at his hands folded on the table before him, and then looked up as Scyrr entered.

Athanar spoke, beginning the small trial with a few, choice words.

"But if what I have heard you've done is true, you've clearly gone over your rank and limits this time. So let us hear your account of what happened between you and lady Saeryn, and lord Eodwine here. Now speak. At ease!"

Thornden felt for this man. Athanar spoke well of him – a trusted, faithful soldier who had long been with him – and he had borne the brunt of the ill-ease of the old Scarburgians, nearly being killed that second day. Clearly, this change had not been easy for him.

“My lord,” Scyrr began, “I cannot remember clearly everything that was said. I was deep in my cups last night. It began with a quarrel between me and the stable-master. Afterwards, I went out, intending to go in for the night– Captain Coenred advised me to, I think. He hoped to help me avoid a fight. But a fight sought me out, even outside.” His eyes shifted from Athanar to lady Saeryn as he said this.

Thornden tensed instinctively as he felt the threat toward Saeryn. There was a heavy pause, and then Scyrr continued.

“Lady Saeryn followed me outside and spoke with me. Her manner, my lord, was aggressive and domineering.”

Thornden shot a glance towards Saeryn. It was clear that she was not pleased at Scyrr’s description of her.

“Her words were less than ladylike, and more fitting a man of authority, and I knew that it was not her place to come and speak to me in the way that she did. She meant to tell me to leave the stable-master in peace from that night forward, but I told her that this matter did not concern her, but rather her husband, and if he wished to speak of it with me, he could find me. Was I wrong to show her how rough, how unwomanlike her manner was? She was acting on behalf of her husband, and that was wrong. This I sought to make clear to her.”

Saeryn started to her feet and with one hand she pointed at Scyrr as she accused him loudly: “You called my husband a liar and a coward in one breath, you rogue! Answer the lord Athanar as he has commanded you, briefly and in truth!”
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