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Originally Posted by denethorthefirst View Post
A "biological" incarnation, where the ainu actually forms a body that has a complete organ system. This is the form of Incarnation that the Istari, Melian and also the Umaia in orcform (Boldogs) went through. These Ainur actually became human, elvish (or orcish) in form (and dependent on nourishment and sleep), but can now also reproduce with other true incarnates (i dont think that two incarnated ainu could reproduce).
I don't know about the ultimate legitimacy of Boldog, since that's HOME stuff, but the incarnations of Melian and the Istari are certainly more bound to the physical world than their Maia brethren.

The Istari, as you say, were housed in actual bodies, which they could not forsake without "dying", as a consequence of the nature of their mission in Middle-earth.
In their case, reproducing with any of the Children of Ilúvatar was not only contrary to their mission, but could also have had serious consequences.

Melian's embodiment was indeed voluntary, and I see it as a parallel with Arwen's later situation with Aragorn.
In order for the immortal Melian to be betrothed to a "lesser" being in Middle-earth, she had to bring herself to Thingol's level, so to speak. She took on basically thelife of the Eldar, though I think it rather unfair that after Thingol's death she was allowed to simply head back to Aman and "dwell on her sorrows".

Originally Posted by denethorthefirst View Post
I think the bodies of the Balrogs and the incarnated Sauron where of this kind. If the body of the Balrogs were completely "biological" (like a human body) they would have burnt to death a long time ago. Ainur like that are probably also much harder to kill, because you cant just stab them in the heart (there might be no heart, or there are three hearts! everything is possible), the opponents actually had to destroy or somehow "break" the "form". They are also less (if at all) dependent on nourishment and sleep. I guess that Ainur that incarnated in such a way could also better project their innate Power because they chose and created a form that completely suited them, but they probably couldn't conceive because they would not have been "compatible".
I think Sauron's (and the Balrogs') embodiment was required in order to have the maximum effect on the physical world in Middle-earth. . The appearance of their forms seems to be mainly connected with the state of their inner spirit. Sauron, until the destruction of his body in the Fall of Númenor, was able to appear fair and noble. But after he returned to Middle-earth after the Fall, he only looked terrible and evil. His spiritual state had become consumed with hate and a lust for domination, which could have been reflected physically, and maybe too the Valar took steps to deny him the ability to look less threatening, and so make it harder for him to deceive Elves, Men, and Dwarves ever after.
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