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While nothing has changed to allay my suspicions of the phantom, I feel the need to make a list much like everyone else is doing these days.

mormegil- I think mormegil is the seer. I say this because of what I've already said... he's the only one to put forth that he thinks I'm innocent. That's a danger to him, but if he knows that I'm innocent, he would try to keep me alive any how.

the phantom- either, like me, an outspoken villiager, or a werewolf that's playing mind games with us all. The latter is more to my perception of him, but really, this whole game, to me, is trying to figure out who The B-W would choose to mess with us all. Either Wighty chose the phantom because of his skills at messing with us, or he didn't choose him, for the same reason.

Primrose Bolger- suspicious only because of my lack of suspicion. How did she manage to escape my attention?

Firefoot- I'm not particularly suspicious of her. I don't think she's guilty, but I'm not sure. She has valid disagreements, and I have no reason to claim she lies.

Oddwen- the only proof against her is shady at best. She's done nothing to draw my attention, and really, I'm more likely to think her innocent than not.

Feanor of the Peredhil- Grr. Haha. Just joking. Quite obviously I'm not going to say I'm a werewolf. I understand why you all suspect me, but I do wish you would take what I say at face value. But then again, I could just be screwing with you. You never know. Which makes this so much fun. But think of what you know of me: if I was a werewolf, I'd be trying much harder to make you suspect me, just because then you would start thinking things like "Wait... no werewolf in her right mind would actually try to die" and so think me innocent and just stupid. Anyhow, I'm innocent, and that's that. No worries.

bilbo_baggins- I'm vaguely suspicious. Not so much as with the phantom, but certainly enough. I'm not even sure why. Gut instinct, really. And if you'll remember, at first I defended bilbo. My evidence was shaky, but I'm not sure if I've seen anything to really convince me one way or another.

Kuruharan- maybe a werewolf. I'm pretty suspicious, but not definitively.

Mithalwen- She's so darned logical. It's messing with my head. I think she might be another werewolf, but I'm not sure of it.

Do with my musings what you desire, but my vote remains for the phantom.
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