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While I now totally agree that it seems likely that Feanor is as pure and innocent as the wind driven snow (at least as far as being a werewolf is concerned) I think everyone will admit that her behavior created a certain...impression in the minds of many.
Me? Create impressions of myself? Why ever would I do such a thing as you say? What point or purpose would that serve to anyone? Honestly... what reasoning would I have to do that... you make it sound like I was trying to get myself lynched.

I, quite frankly, was at a complete loss to explain her behavior. The only way it made any sense in my mind was that Feanor was a werewolf. I just couldn't understand why she would act in such a...well, bizarre manner unless she were trying to get everything all hopelessly stirred up and confused so that nobody would think straight and we'd be more likely to make mistakes.
Have you ever heard the phrase "wolfish grin"? Well I'm giving you one now. Not because I'm a wolf, mind you, but because it's just the thing to do. You're spot on about trying to get everyone stirred up and confused and likely to make mistakes. But the mistakes I was aiming for are not so much the lynch-the-innocent variety of mistake as the hastily posted defenses of randomly speared people. You can judge a person's sincerity by how they respond under pressure.

As a matter of fact, now that I think she's innocent, I'm even more puzzled than I was before...oh well.
Oh good. My life's purpose has been fulfilled. I hope I didn't clear too much up with this post... a little bit of mystery surrounding a girl is the way things are supposed to be.

Oh, and given his response, I think Kuru's innocent. If you're not, than I'll tell you what swayed me anyhow: You are, thus far, the only one to think aloud that my ramblings might be more than meets the eye.

And now, I must away... art show tomorrow, and we aren't ready!
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