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Sorry, don't have time to do a proper killing this morning....

The werewolves killed Mithalwen.


  • Oddwen
  • Feanor of the Peredhil
  • Kuruharan
  • Shelob (Villager) - mangled by werewolves during Night 1
  • Anguirel (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 1
  • The Saucepan Man (Villager) shredded and simmered by werewolves during Night 2
  • Firefoot (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 2
  • mormegil (The Seer) - shredded horrificallyby a werewolf on Night 3
  • Primrose Bolger (Villager) hanged on Day 3 on suspicion of being a werewolf
  • the phantom (Villager) gone missing on Night 4, presumed killed by werewolves
  • bilbo_baggins (Villager) hanged on Day 4 on suspicion of being a werewolf
  • Mithalwen - killed by werewolves on Night 5
Werewolves: 1
Villagers: 2

It is now DAY. Day lasts until 6AM tomorrow. Two votes is enough for a lynching. If you get it right, the Villagers win. If you get it wrong, the werewolves win.
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