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Shelob has just left Hobbiton.
As much as I appreciate you all taking your hats off to all players I would like to point out that I did little but rot and stare impressively at the deductive skills of the remaining players. So I join you in congratulating them, it was well played (and I don't think I mentioned it but, Barrow-Wight, your post for my death made my day when I saw it...Thanks.)

I know I already requested a place in the next game but I have to retract my request.
A closer look at my upcoming schoolwork suggests that the next few days I would be better spent dancing to the tune of obsessive teachers than risk dancing in the breeze or with a wolf dancing upon my grave. Since the game is probably going to last only a few days I'll more than likely be joining you for the one after that (since there clearly seems enough interest for there to be a third game).

My thanks and Good luck to the next village.
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