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Good question. I think I'll reserve a few slots for the men's parade south, and then open it up-- wide!

As in, it's open now. I've posted for Erebemin & the menfolk, and an other just-in-case (I'll probably put a Mellonin post there of some sort if it doesn't get used for something else.) Did I remember all the menfolk? Uneasy feeling that I forgot somebody... please pipe up if so!!!

New characters, dive in as inspired.

Edit-- and ladies, dream away!

For my own sanity:

Celuien: Sæthryd
Firefoot: Rugh
Fea: Eledhwen (Indil )
Formendacil: Bergil; Elessar
lmp: Raefindan, Ædegard, Tharonwe, Jorje
Alak: Erebemlin, Taitheneb
Nuru: Liornung, Leafa
Immy: Aeron, Gwyllion's shade
Aylwen: Bella
Orual: Ravion
mark12_30: Mellondu/Amroth, Mellonin, Nethwador
Characters played at will: Nimrodel, Mithrellas, Marigold

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