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Originally Posted by Groin Redbeard View Post
The hunting party when east towards the river Entwash. Unfortunately I forgot all about that other strip of the scar heading south. I would then think that the group would head south along the scar to find a better place for them to turn east. However, if you it would be OK with you, I can have the group enter through a narrow pass in the scar (that they found on their way south) not too far from the camp. This might save time for further complications for people wanting to head east. Does that sound alright with you LMP, or should I just say that they came back the way that they went, from the south
Oog. Now I'm confused. The map has the scar in a straight east to west line just north of Scarburg. I had thought that the hunting party had crossed the scar and went hunting in this prairie just north of the scar. Was that wrong? It would take miles of going out of the way to go east or west to get around the scar to hunt in that northern prairie. To the south are land holdings; to hunt there would be to hunt on land owned by others, which would not be appreciated by them. So those are the facts as best I understand them. Do with your posts whatever works best with the facts of the situation, Groin.

If you feel that strongly about it, Noggie, name them what you want; after all, they've been handed to you to play with. Give them personalities as much as you wish. I'm really rather happy with what Groin has done with Lithor.

Originally Posted by Nogrod
Another thing. Now if Stigend and his gang has been on the swamp, how come they have not seen Dan, Scyld and Oeric - or heard Dan's calls for help? Shall we assume the swamps are so big that they don't have an eyecontact? Or am I free to come up with added geography offering better chances for getting timber from a bit farther away? I guess that would be the better option.
My sense of things is that Dan went off east and Stigend and company went off west. That puts them on opposite sides of Scarburg. And add on top of that, that it will take quite a walk westward (a few hundred yards at least) to find enough of the kind of timber needed.
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