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Watch out, Nogrod, you have the makings of a 2nd personal character wanthing you to write him. Heck, it's already happened. Before long you're going to be writing from Wilcred's perspective; just wait and see. That's the way it goes; ask Harreld.

There is one more piece of story that must be told before this Day ends. Dan must bring "Nydfara" to Eodwine. I can think of 2 ways to handle that. Either we can have one or both of Firefoot and Eonwe post, followed by one of mine featuring Eodwine, OR the three of us could do a PM-built post allowing for dialogue, and it can be included in Eodwine's thoughts as he thinks back from the new Day to "a month ago". Let me know which way you want to go with this.

At any rate, we can start the new Day now, and either add this post in to the appropriate spot, or have it be a recollection.
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