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Mithadan has been trapped in the Barrow!

The Gallowship made camp downwind of the forest of the Woozies sufficiently far away so that they could not hear the Puking-Men's...activities. While the group built a fire (carefully) and scrounged up a meal, Grrralph wandered off in the direction of Chrysophylax, who was casually shaking a tree in search of a Skwerl appetizer.

The dark figure watched the dragon curiously for a moment, then spoke. "So, what's your story?" he asked. The wyrm paused and looked down at Grralph. "What do you mean?" responded Chrysophylax.

Grrralph pointed at Kuruharan, who was rummaging through one of his bags nearby. "You and the Dwarf," he clarified. "What's the story? Dwarves and dragons don't usually...get along very well."

The dragon stepped away from the tree and stretched his wings, before answering. "We have a mutually beneficial relationship," he answered. Grrralph pondered this for a moment before continuing. "What?" he asked cogently.

The dragon issued a puff of smoke impatiently. "I help him out and he helps me out," responded Chrysophylax as he wondered about the rock that their new companion must have lived under before emerging to plague the Gallowship.

If possible, Grralph seemed to brighten. "Ah! I get it. You're his pet!" he exclaimed.

Chrysophylax bristled noticably at Grralph's words, attracting the attention of Kuruharan who headed over with some concern. "I am not a pet!" growled the dragon. "I'm more like his partner."

Grrralph laughed, an odd wheezy sound which had been known to cause goosebumps and psoriasis. "Please," he responded. "I may seem a bit muddled but my lights aren't out entirely. You're an animal, enchanted as you may be, and he's your master. You're a pet!" Kuruharan broke into a waddling run as Chrysophylax reared up and took a swipe at Grrralph with his claws. Grrralph leaped gracefully over the dragon's outstretched foreleg and drew out his morningstar as he landed. Swinging it delicately over his head, he skipped off and broke into song.

"Once you're a pet,
you're a pet
from your first flaming jet
to your last ring of smoke."

The dragon swung around and pursued the cloaked figure, snapping at him with his mighty jaws. Grrralph merely put a hand atop the serpent's snout and flipped over its head as it went past. Kuruharan came up, puffing heavily and tried to grab the wyrm's tail. "Uh, guys..."

Grrralph twirled away and danced off with Chrysophlax following close behind. He leapt into the air as the dragon lunged for him again and tapped the huge head lightly with the morningstar before continuing.

"Once you're a pet,
you're a pet
and you'll never forget
your masters commands."

Chrysophylax let loose a gout of fire which caught the hem of Grrralph's cloak appearing to incinerate it. The cloth hissed, smoked, then went out and its fabric began magically reweaving itself. Kuruharan, who had been chasing the dragon now turned to follow its prey. That fabric's worth a fortune! I've gotta get its secret!

Grrralph waltzed away moving left to right, then reversed course as the wyrm lunged again. After an elegant pirouette, he came to a halt beside the beast, who nearly tied himself in a knot trying to spin and turn at the same time.

You're never alone,
you're a faithful companion.
The furniture's unsafe,
and when company's expected,
you're always petted!

When you're a pet,
you're a pet,
you beg and you get,
a bone for a treat.

When you're a pet, you are a pet!

Grrralph ducked under Chrysophylax's next lunge, slipped between his forelegs and under his belly. The dragon's head attempted to follow which only caused its body to curl upward and flip over onto its back with a crash. Kuruharan narrowly escaped the wipeout by dropping to the ground as an array of dragon body parts swung by over his head.

Merisu looked over from where she sat beside the campfire with a smile. "Look!" she cried. "They're playing! Isn't that cute?"

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